What do I do?

W is for webHAT DO I DO?

I am a graphic designer with a whole lot of practical experience in the digital realm.

Consulting – I tailor each job depending on what your needs are and that sometimes starts with simply helping you figure out what you need and what resources you have to make it happen.

Brand – Your brand needs to give the essence of what your business is and over a few cups of tea, a pinterest board or two and a little email volley I can get you there and wrap it all up at the end with a beautifully presented and easy to follow style guide.

Design – I have a keen eye for aesthetics and happen to know my way around a few digital tools that can help put together some pretty spiffy graphics. They may start as abstract ideas, evolve into watercolour paintings or charchoal sketches and wind up looking like a logo you’ve always had in your minds eye but never quite been able to put your finger on.

Social Media – I can put together a package of graphics for you to use to launch your business on social media. Alternately, I can give you a quote to manage your social media profile for you.

Websites – I am NOT a web developer! … but I’ve built many a website on ‘build it yourself’ platforms and (just quietly) so could you. I’ve created websites on Shopify, Squarespace, WordPress, Wix and more. It’s a growing industry that is changing all the time but I can point you in the right direction if you need a website where you can manage your own content easily.

Print – Call me old fashioned, but print is far from dead. I can design business cards, posters, flyers and signage and I’ll do it to whatever specs your printer requires.